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Tree Pruning

Maintaining tree health, aesthetics, & reducing the maintenance costs

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Canopy Raising

Canopy raising, also known as crown raising, is a common practice in arboriculture (tree care) that involves removing the lower branches of a tree to create more vertical clearance underneath the canopy.

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Tree Removal

We work with all tree removal projects and sizes, from entire site clearance operations through to individual and complex tree removals, please contact us to discuss your tree removal requirements.

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Stump Removal

The Tree Guy Sunshine Coast offers tree stump removal and operate specialized equipment to safely and efficiently deal with removing all sizes of tree stumps.

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Hedge Trimming

Hedges are an important element to most properties, they provide a range of benefits such as natural shelter, year round greenery and in some cases artistic sculptures within a garden design. We take pride in our ability as hedge trimmers to work with all types of hedges and client needs.

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Tree Risk Assessment

Tree risk assessment is a systematic process used to evaluate the potential hazards posed by trees in various environments, such as urban areas, parks, roadsides, and private properties.

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Tree Health Inspections

Tree health inspections are an important element of our tree care services on the Sunshine Coast. Tree inspections provide a cost effective way to help you understand and mitigate against potentially costly damage caused by trees to your or your neighbors’ property, we are tree experts at The Tree Guy Sunshine Coast and are well placed to provide you with impartial advice.

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Tree Topping

The Sunshine Coast Tree Guy is a well-trained and professional expert in tree-cutting services. We have many years of experience in tree topping on the Sunshine Coast.

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