Canopy Raising

Canopy raising, also known as crown raising, is a common practice in arboriculture (tree care) that involves removing the lower branches of a tree to create more vertical clearance underneath the canopy. This technique is often used for various reasons, such as improving visibility, creating space for pedestrians or vehicles, and allowing more sunlight to reach the ground.

Benefits of Canopy Raising:

  • Clearance: Canopy raising provides clearance for people, vehicles, or structures beneath the tree. This is particularly useful in urban environments where space is limited.
  • Light Penetration: By removing lower branches, you allow more sunlight to reach the ground, benefiting the growth of understory plants and grass.
  • Aesthetics: Canopy raising can improve the overall appearance of a tree by giving it a cleaner and more balanced look.
  • Safety: Eliminating low-hanging branches reduces the risk of people colliding with them or getting injured.
  • View Enhancement: Canopy raising can be employed to open up views that were previously obstructed by the tree’s foliage.

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