Stump Removal

The Tree Guy Sunshine Coast offers tree stump removal and operate specialized equipment to safely and efficiently deal with removing all sizes of tree stumps. If we are removing your tree(s) then it is important to understand if you would also like the tree stump removed so that we can carry out the preliminary site assessment to identify any underground utilities and other property that may need protecting. Our skilled arborists will assess your site and offer the most effective solution to having your stump removed.

Your options for removing a Tree Stump

After we carry out a tree removal, you will be left with the tree stump which will remain in the ground for many years and depending on the species of tree it may also begin to re-shoot, i.e. produce new growth. Whatever you desired outcome is, you have a number of options when it comes to how we deal with the stump.

  • Use a stump grinder to remove the stump and any surface level roots to allow for re landscaping or planting
  • Have the whole stump and root system removed; this is a very destructive approach and depending on the size of the stump it may require large machinery.
  • Leave a habitat pole, we can retain a section of the standing stem and leave it in a state which will help provide habitat for cavity nesting species such as woodpeckers.
  • If you are feeling particularly inspired we can also spend time to create a carving out of the stump for example a chair or mushroom.

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