Tree Pruning

To the layperson pruning a branch may seem like a simple act. However, there is a real art behind pruning trees from both a tree health and tree aesthetics point of view.

Tree pruning is one of many tree services offered by ATC. We pride ourselves in the highest quality craftsmanship when it comes to pruning trees and tree care. When you have your tree pruned by a certified arborist you benefit on multiple levels, most importantly;

  • Tree health is maintained
  • On-going maintenance costs are reduced
  • The tree’s natural shape and aesthetics are preserved

We  provide a variety of tree care services including:

  • Structural pruning
  • Tree reductions
  • Tree thinning
  • Building clearance
  • Dead wood removal
  • Hazard prevention pruning
  • Restorative pruning (when the tree has previously been poorly pruned)
  • Fruit tree pruning – follow the link to learn more about apple tree and other fruit tree pruning
  • Sensitive species pruning e.g. Garry Oak

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